Doorway to Portuguese

Arts and ArchAloisio Magalhãesitecture


UCLA Library 2009

Mr. Magalhães, a Brazilian artist has been developing the art of photo-offset lithography at the University Press of Recife, Pernambuco, and has been with ”O Gráfico Amador” for two years. A State Departament grant brought him to the United States, where at The Falcon Press in Philadephia, he has been exploring the photo-offset litho medium experimentally and creatively. To make this small, attractive book a group of Portuguese words was selected, each for a different page, and each page illustrated with a different technique to produce each color print. A palm leaf exposed to the plate produces the cover; roller impressions, drawings on film with opaque medium and printing ink; aluminum foil combined with drawing; drawing on glass exposed to the plate; a wood cut, a photograph and a paper cut out.

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