Arts Magazine, Art Digest Inc., vol. 31, 1957.

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  • p. 62

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Aloisio Magalhães: A self-taught Mexican painter added the discipline of Paris (Atelier 17) to his art, and this exhibition showed an interesting sophistication in his treatment of indigenous landscape themes: in Banana Plants and Olinda, a linear impetuosity gave instant impressions of a tropical complex in which large green leaves were prominent: in others of the Olinda sequence, radiant and freely mosaic, he gradually subordinated the palm tree to a minor accent amid cubes of carefully discriminated value (depending on their role as earth or sky), and in Porto, the climax of these, the scene is almost entirely one of variable-length reflections, in water and sky, from the yellow-cubed town which occupies the main horizontal.

Arts Magazine, Art Digest Inc., Vol. 33, 1958.

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De Aenlle, Feb. 16 – Mar. 7. 1958

  • p. 66

In the galleries

Aloisio Magalhães: Although the abstract style and the sense of color are vigorous in these oils, the execution tends to be uneven.