The Brazilian critic Almeida Cunha points out that Magalhães

Luiz de Almeida Cunha


M Library 2006

UCLA Library 2007

Art in Latin American Today – Pan American Union

Vol. 1


  • p. 10

Brennand, together with Aloisio Magalhães, represents the highest point of the new generation of painters of Recife. Aloisio has been painting with typographic dyes, worked over the paper with spatula, obtaining in this manner the most surprising and fortunate plastic and chromatic effects. He explains the conception of his painting in the following manner:

“As a rule, my paintings, i.e., those in which l succeed, are conceived at the same moment that they are developed. There is not within me an hiatus between the conception and the developing of the painting. Nevertheless, this does not keep me from experiencing a certain amount of satisfaction, when the combinations and inventions denoted in my paintings retake a natural form. ln this manner they receive a kind of authority, of legitimacy”.